How To Get Into Cybersecurity in Nevada in 2024

What happens in Vegas? Cybersecurity.

Nevada isn’t just dazzling Vegas lights, endless desert sky, or recently transplanted sports teams. It’s full of the unexpected, be it drive-thru chapels, world-class magic shows, or industry-disrupting cyberattacks. It’s where you can strike gold—not in a mine, but in the exciting world of cybersecurity. To help you get into the cybersecurity industry in the Silver State, we have put together a guide to get you from beginner to job-ready. 

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Why Nevada is the place to be for cybersecurity
  • Some cyber job titles and what they could earn you
  • Tips for making your resume pop
  • Deciding if cybersecurity is the career for you
  • Finding the best places to learn the ropes
  • Getting ready to nail that cybersecurity interview
  • Becoming a cybersecurity professional in Nevada
  • Answering any questions about how to get into cybersecurity

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a solid foundation on how to break into the industry in 2024.

Ready to take a gamble on a future in cybersecurity? In Nevada, the odds are in your favor.

A few people are learning togther what is Cybersecurity

What Is Cybersecurity?

Before we provide you with the guide on how to get into cybersecurity, it is essential to understand what cybersecurity is all about.

The story of cybercrime: From early days to the MGM meltdown

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how cybercrime evolved from a bit of digital mischief to the massive headache it caused at MGM Resorts in September 2023. Picture the early hackers as digital pioneers, more curious than harmful, poking around just to see what they could stir up. Fast forward a bit, and the stakes grew higher with big names and big companies under attack

Then came the MGM breach—a real wake-up call. Imagine the chaos: lines out the door, digital room keys that wouldn’t work, and everyone has to pay with cold, hard cash. Over $100 million down the drain, just like that. It put the spotlight on how far cybercrime has come and how it’s now big business.

Why cybersecurity is the name of the game

Imagine cybersecurity as if it were guarding the most high-tech gaming center in Vegas. It’s not just about the flashy firewall lights or the antivirus guards at every door. It’s about protecting the whole center—where we keep our most prized digital treasures. It’s about keeping our personal and essential information safe from hackers.

Fighting cybercrime isn’t just a tech battle; it’s primarily about people. It’s teaching your friends to double-check that suspicious email, or to create a password that’s not just ‘password.’ As these cybercriminals get craftier, the cybersecurity world is always one step ahead, using the latest research or teaming up with AI to keep our digital vaults locked tight.

So, what do you need to know how to get into cybersecurity? Just a computer, the internet, and a willingness to learn. With the right training, certificates, networking, and some real experience, you could be well on your way to a fulfilling career that keeps the digital world secure.

Nevada’s Cyber Scene

Las Vegas: The cybersecurity frontier

Known for its dazzling entertainment and sprawling casinos, Las Vegas is also emerging as a cybersecurity frontier. The city’s vibrant tech scene, fueled by gaming and hospitality giants, is a magnet for cyber professionals. This dynamic environment creates a high demand for cybersecurity experts who can protect the city’s digital assets and ensure that the show goes on, both on and off the Strip.

Reno & Carson City: Cybersecurity in the high desert

Heading up north to Reno and Carson City, the vibe shifts. Sure, you’ve got some of that gaming spirit, but there’s also a whole mix of tech brewing, from green energy to cutting-edge manufacturing. That’s where the demand for cyber defenders comes into play—think of them as the goalies keeping the net safe, guarding data, and ensuring the digital game runs without a hitch.

Nevada’s cyber ecosystem: Beyond the bright lights

Stepping past the city lights, Nevada’s cyber scene stretches far and wide. There’s a whole world of opportunities across the state, from defense bases tucked away in the desert to tech parks buzzing with startups. This statewide network is a playground for cyber talent, with chances to innovate, secure, and lead in the digital frontier.

Ready to roll the dice and find out how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada?

Top 5 Best Paying Cybersecurity Jobs in Nevada

Top 5 Best Paying Cybersecurity Jobs in Nevada

You might be in for a pleasant surprise when you see your cybersecurity paycheck. The more skills and experience you stack up, the more those numbers start to climb. 

Here are the top 5 cybersecurity roles, along with their average annual salaries:

1. Cybersecurity Lead: $146,000*

2. Cybersecurity Work: $146,000*

3. No Experience Cybersecurity Apprenticeship: $145,000*

4. Manager Cybersecurity Apprenticeship: $143,000*

5. Online Cybersecurity Consultant: $139,000*

With job openings at all experience levels, your earning potential rises as you progress in your cybersecurity career.

Next up, before showing you how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada, let’s go over the skills you’ll need to build.


Leveling Up in Cybersecurity: No Degree, No Problem.

Think a high-tech degree is the only ticket to the cybersecurity show in Nevada? Think again. Sure, some gigs might light up for that kind of credential, but what really counts is your knack for learning and the skills you already have.

Knowledge, though, is still the ace in the deck. Trying to navigate the cyber world without knowing your bits from your bytes is like sitting at a high-stakes poker table without knowing the rules. That’s why getting down to the basics is your best bet.

Stepping into Nevada’s cybersecurity scene doesn’t have to mean running through a maze of academic hoops. With the right hustle, a bit of know-how, and a hunger to learn, you’re already geared up to be Nevada’s next cybersecurity professional.

You can build expertise in various ways:

1. Immersive cybersecurity bootcamps 

These accelerated and intensive programs are designed to train cybersecurity professionals with hands-on experience and practical skills. An excellent example of this is the UNLV Cybersecurity Bootcamp in collaboration with ThriveDX. 

This bootcamp throws you into real-world projects where it’s not just about the theory; these virtual cyber labs are as close to the real thing as you can get. Their expert instructors can also give you insider tips and coaching so you can excel in the world of cybersecurity.

2. Hands-on certification training: 

You know what really turns heads in the Nevada cybersecurity scene? Certifications like CompTIA® Security+, CertNexus®, and AWS. Around here, when employers are scouting for talent, these certifications make your resume pop, boosting your odds of landing that interview. It’s your way of saying you’re serious about your craft.

3. Self-study with online courses 

Wondering how to get into cybersecurity at your own speed? Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy offer courses in everything from network security to ethical hacking. And if you’re counting your coins, Cybrary rolls out free courses. Got a knack for coding? FreeCodeCamp is your gold mine.

The best part? You control how you want to fit learning into your life.

4. Practical experience 

Theory is great, but getting your hands dirty is where the real fun starts. How about taking those skills for a spin with internships, volunteering, or even duking it out in online hackathons?

Take a peek at the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation for gigs and scholarships. Or get into the big leagues with an NSA internship, where you’re in the trenches safeguarding national security.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Jump into a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. It’s like a digital treasure hunt where you’re matching wits with fellow cyber sleuths. And if you’re up for giving back, team up with groups like ISC2 to sharpen your skills while doing some good.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all path on how to get into cybersecurity. It’s all about finding the right route for you so you can confidently enter the industry.

Cybersecurity: Your Next Winning Hand?

Think cybersecurity is just for the tech-obsessed? Think again. Even here in Nevada, where the unexpected is part of the daily routine, there’s a place for folks from all walks of life in cybersecurity.

Rapid growth

Picture being in the heart of a scene that’s always on the move. With cyber threats on the rise, there’s increasing demand for savvy defenders to keep our digital streets safe.

High demand

Job hunting can be a drag, but in cybersecurity, it’s a whole different ball game. The field’s booming and that means plenty of opportunities are just waiting for someone like you.

Competitive salaries 

The paychecks in cybersecurity can make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, often paying well above the average salary.

Rewarding career

It’s not all about the money, though. In cybersecurity, you’re the unsung hero keeping the digital world spinning safely. That sense of purpose? It’s unbeatable, giving you that buzz of making a real difference.

Work-life balance

Imagine having the flexibility to work from wherever. Many cybersecurity gigs offer work-from-home opportunities, letting you juggle life and work without missing a beat.

Advancement opportunities

For knowledge seekers, cybersecurity is like an endless buffet of learning. Whether you’re starting or leveling up, there’s always something new on the horizon to keep you on your toes.

Shining a Spotlight on Your Resume

Imagine your resume as your golden ticket into the world of cybersecurity. It’s a first impression that really sticks, so you want it to shine with all your top highlights. Look at it like a virtual handshake, representative of the skills and achievements that put you in the spotlight.

Here’s how to load up your resume:

Certifications galore 

Wave those certs like tickets to a Vegas show, showing you’re all about leveling up your game. Got a CompTIA Security+ or AWS certification? Flaunt it. 

Tech wizardry 

Light up your resume with the tech tools and tricks you know. Whether you’re a firewall whiz, a master of Python, or know your way around intrusion detection, make sure it’s front and center. 

Soft skills shine

Never sideline your relevant soft skills. Cybersecurity is not just tech; it’s teamwork, problem-solving, and making sure you can engage in work with anyone from the mailroom to the boardroom. Prove you’re as good with people as you are with tech.

Customize like a professional 

Don’t deal out the same old resume for every job. Tailor it for each application, making sure every line speaks directly to what the job is asking for. Use their words, hit their high points, and make your resume sing their tune.

Elevator pitch summary 

Your summary is your chance to show your stuff in a few sharp lines. Dial up your cybersecurity passion and let them know why you’re not just another face in the crowd.

Proofread or bust 

Typos and grammatical errors are like security vulnerabilities in your resume—they will get noticed. Proofread meticulously and consider asking someone else to review your document for errors.

With these moves, your resume won’t just be another application; it’ll give you the opportunity to step out from the crowd and kick off an adventure in the fast-paced world of cybersecurity.

Scoring a Touchdown in Your Cybersecurity Interview

Nevada’s cybersecurity scene is buzzing, just like the energy in a stadium on game day. The job market here is like the draft season, and cybersecurity positions are the hot picks everyone’s eyeing. The stats are in your favor, with data security gigs expected to skyrocket way faster than most other jobs.

So, how do you get into cybersecurity and not just warm the bench?

Back to basics 

Think of the fundamentals as your training camp. You have to know the plays inside out—from networking drills to encryption strategies and the tech tools that keep the defense strong. Show employers that you’re not just another player; you’re MVP material.

Drill, drill, drill 

Just like athletes practice plays, you need to be ready for any cyber curveballs. Practice handling those high-pressure cyber-attack scenarios so you can step up when the stakes are at their highest.

Show your winning plays 

You may have some highlight-reel-worthy moments from your past gigs. Share those stories that show you’ve got the skills, the strategy, and the grit to make a difference on the team.

Bring the fire 

Teams need players who bring more than just skill—they need passion. Dive into what makes the company tick and why you’re excited to be part of it. Let them see your fire for cybersecurity and the team.

Game-time prep 

Don’t just stroll onto the field; come game-ready. Treat mock interviews like practice games, honing your answers so you’re clear, confident, and ready to tackle anything thrown your way.

With the proper preparation, a dash of passion, and an abundance of go-getter energy, you’re not just playing the game—you’re setting the scoreboard on fire.

Riding the Cyber Wave in Nevada’s Elite Circles

Las Vegas and Reno are incredible locations for cybersecurity jobs right now, all thanks to some major players in the business world setting up camp. Even though the scene might change as companies come and go, here’s a quick look at the hot spots for cybersecurity gigs:

Entertainment and hospitality 

Big entertainment and hotel names are always on high alert for cyber threats. Think about MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts—they’re always scouting for cyber talent.

Tech scene 

The tech vibe in Nevada is getting stronger by the day, with a mix of software startups and giant data centers making their home here. Switch, for instance, is a big name in Vegas known for its massive data centers.

Defense and military 

With all the military action, companies like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman constantly seek cybersecurity experts to protect their operations.

Government and public services 

Government departments, especially those responsible for keeping us safe, frequently search for skilled cyber professionals to safeguard their digital realms.


The healthcare sector, with big networks like Renown Health in Reno and the University Medical Center in Vegas, is a hotbed for cybersecurity roles considering all the sensitive data they handle.


The finance world, including local names like Nevada State Bank, is beefing up its cyber defenses to keep all cyber criminals and attacks out.

Wondering how to get into cybersecurity in 2024? Zeroing in on your specialty and ensuring you’ve got the skills these big names are after is key. A bit of networking, sprucing up your LinkedIn, and contacting hiring teams could be your ticket to exciting roles in this booming industry.

Launching Your Nevada Cybersecurity Career

Are you still wondering how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada? First off, let go of the idea that you need a four-year degree to make it. Nevada’s cybersecurity arena is buzzing, especially with the energy around our new sports teams, and there’s a huge demand for folks with the right skills. 

Here’s the game plan:

Discover your cyber specialty 

What gets you fired up? Is it cracking complex codes, building digital fortresses, or tracking down cyber culprits? Find your niche.

Level up your tech skills 

Dive into the essentials—networking, operating systems, you name it. Tap into online courses, local workshops, or even free tutorials to add essential skills to your toolkit.

Get your hands in the game 

Nothing beats real-world experience. Volunteer for cyber roles, land an internship, or pitch in on open-source projects. Tinker with tools like Kali Linux and Wireshark. Remember, practice is key.

Build your team 

Cybersecurity isn’t a solo sport. Engage with online forums, hit up local meetups, and seek out mentors. These communities are your cheer squad, offering support, wisdom, and connections.

Earn your stripes with certifications 

Certifications are like your game stats—they show what you’re capable of. But don’t make them your whole playbook. Focus on hands-on skills, and then snag certifications like CompTIA® Security+ or AWS to highlight your prowess.

Stay curious, keep leveling up, and always be ready to hustle. This journey on how to get into cybersecurity is yours to shape. With a dash of passion, some solid prep, and a relentless drive, you’ll be making big plays in the cyber world before you know it.

Wondering how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada, a few people are sitting next to a table learning


Wondering how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada? Let us break down some starting points for you, along with some helpful tips and advice.

How do I start a career in cybersecurity?

Certifications: Look into CompTIA® Security+, AWS, andCertNexus® certifications. These aren’t just random acronyms; they’re your way of showing you mean business in cybersecurity.

Hands-On Work: There’s no better teacher than actual experience. Look out for internships, volunteer spots, or any job that gets you into IT and cybersecurity.

Building Your Network: Getting to know your cybersecurity peers around Nevada can open many doors. Check out local meetups, industry and networking events, and online forums. 

How much does a cybersecurity engineer earn in Nevada?

Your earnings are determined based on your experience, the skills you’ve mastered, and the exact niche of the industry you’re in. On the whole, you might be eyeing an annual salary somewhere in the ballpark of $130,000 to $160,000 as an experienced professional. The more you up your game with experience and skills, the more your salary can grow.

How do I get an entry to cybersecurity?

Wondering how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada? You’ve got options!

Cybersecurity Bootcamps: Check out programs like the UNLV Cybersecurity Bootcamp, in collaboration with ThriveDX. It’s an accelerated 36-week ride that combines theory and hands-on practice to arm you with the cybersecurity skills you need.

DIY Learning: The web is packed with gold mines of info for future cybersecurity experts. Dive into online tutorials, courses, and forums to get the lowdown on cybersecurity basics and beyond.

How much do cybersecurity engineers make in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas tends to dangle some attractive salaries. If you’re seasoned in the field, you might be eyeing an average annual paycheck of about $111,000, a nod to the city’s appetite for sharp cybersecurity minds.

What are the skills needed for cyber security?

You’ll need a solid grip on tech stuff like security protocols and systems, a knack for discovering and squashing threats with your analytical prowess, a keen eye for the smallest details, some inventive problem-solving skills, and the ability to chat about complex tech in plain speech if you’re eager to know how to get into cybersecurity.

How do I prepare for a cybersecurity job in Nevada?

Stay on your toes with the latest cyber trends and tech. Get your hands dirty with real-world practice through labs, simulations, and maybe even some Capture The Flag (CTF) action. And scope out Nevada’s big-league industries like gaming and hospitality—they’re searching for cybersecurity talent.

Will cybersecurity be in high demand in 2025?

You bet. As digital spaces grow and cyber criminals get craftier, the clamor for cybersecurity professionals is set to skyrocket. Protecting digital realms is becoming increasingly crucial.

Is there a high demand for cybersecurity?

Absolutely. Given the surge in cyber threats, this field is hotter than ever, promising a bustling job scene for those with the mastered skills.

Will AI replace cybersecurity?

Not really. AI and machine learning are shaking things up, making threat detection slicker, but they’re more like sidekicks for cybersecurity experts, not substitutes.

How much does a cyber security analyst make in Reno, Nevada?

On average, you’re looking at around $90,000 a year—depending on how seasoned you are and the skills you bring to the table.

Time To Start Your Cybersecurity Career

Still wondering how to get into cybersecurity in Nevada? Then, take a peek at the Cybersecurity Bootcamp at UNLV’s continuing education site. It’s a treasure trove of info and resources to get you geared up for the cyber world.


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