Education Costs Are Rising – Here’s How to Combat Them

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It’s no secret – rising education costs are a topic of concern for many Americans. Those who are first looking to explore higher education may feel overwhelmed by new challenges their parents didn’t face, while those looking to return for graduate school are struggling to find affordable programs. 

This can be a deterrent to making any significant educational decisions in the near future. But, that may not be the most financially sound decision. Investing in your education can actually help you combat inflation and rising costs. With new skills and training, you can increase your earning potential and change or advance your career to higher levels with more rewarding benefits.

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Four-year universities offer the most prestigious education, but dedicating your time and money to taking full-time classes for four years may not always be feasible for working adults. 

Thankfully, you can opt for alternative educational programs, such as accelerated bootcamps, to help you advance your skills and earn a higher salary in less than half the time of a traditional university. 

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, offers various Digital Skills Bootcamps intended to help working professionals get ahead and increase their earning potential and skill set in some of the top industries in the country.  

Keep reading to discover how you can invest in yourself and see a significant return starting in as little as ten months.

How to Overcome Financial Obstacles

The cost of everything is rising. The cost of living is rising with rent and mortgage increases. The cost of transportation is skyrocketing, with gas prices hitting all-time highs. Education costs are steadily rising, with tuition costs around $43,000 a year for private universities. 

This inflation is causing many to rethink their spending habits and finances. Some people opt for side gigs or additional forms of income, while others may be seeking out upskilling options to help increase their earning potential in the workforce. Making changes like these often require additional training and education, which can be tricky if you are not in a position to commit your time or money to a four-year university. 

For those who need options ideal for working adults, a part-time continuing education program such as the Digital Skills Bootcamps offered by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas can provide accelerated training sessions and help you gain the experience and knowledge you need to start or advance your career in cybersecurity, digital marketing, UI/UX design, data science, and software development. 

These programs can help you combat inflating education costs, develop new, in-demand skills, and increase your salary with a high-earning career path. 

The Benefits of a Bootcamp

A bootcamp is an educational career-prep program that helps learners develop the skills and experiential knowledge they need to succeed in their desired industries. Learners who enter the programs can become job-ready professionals in as little as one year, complete with hands-on training and real-world experience. 

Many companies are starting to forgo the traditional requirement of a college degree in lieu of work experience, opening up career opportunities for many professionals who would have previously been unable to apply. Our bootcamps can offer training and experience in place of a degree while offering additional benefits. 

Here are several reasons why the Digital Skills Bootcamps offered by UNLV are worth the investment:

Good Option for Beginners

If you are interested in moving to a position with high earning potential, such as a career in the tech field, but you are worried you aren’t qualified, our bootcamps can help teach the fundamentals and give you the experience you need to apply for entry-level positions in less than one year. 

You can learn the basics before working closely with instructors to develop hands-on skills and first-hand experience with industry tools, programs, and practices. 

Dedicated Career Support

Even with a four-year degree, finding the support you need to enter the workforce in a competitive industry can be challenging, and expensive. Our bootcamps offer 360° support to help guide you through the program and answer any questions you may have about the career field, the curriculum, and more. 

Throughout the program, you’ll have access to career services and experts who can provide personalized assistance to help you stand out to employers and increase your chances of landing a high earning position – increasing your return on investment and helping you build a better quality of life. 

Traditionally, services like career placement and resume writing assistance can be pricey, costing up to $700 for help from professionals. Career coaches are another popular service, but they can run $100 to $150 a session, meaning you could spend several hundred or even thousands of dollars simply preparing to apply for a new position. 

Of course, you can try to enter the workforce on your own by simply applying for positions or reaching out to recruiters, but using these services can help to greatly increase your hireability – and they are included at no additional cost with all of the UNLV Digital Skills Bootcamps. 

Live, Online Classroom Experience

To help replicate the classroom experience, we offer live, online sessions conducted on evenings and weekends to provide the best schedule for working adults. You have the ability to learn anywhere there is a reliable internet connection, which provides flexibility for many who have to juggle home and work life. 

Get all the benefits of a real classroom experience, without the commute to a classroom. You have access to live q&a sessions, group learning and peer review, real-time feedback from instructors, and structured classes that follow a carefully defined curriculum.

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The Return on Investment (ROI) of a Bootcamp

The term ‘Return on Investment’, or ROI, refers to the profitability of an investment. In this case, it refers to the money invested in a bootcamp, and how it can translate to a profitable return to make the investment worthwhile for you. 

With a UNLV Digital Skills Bootcamp, learners are investing a large sum of money, financed over time in affordable monthly payments, but can expect to see a significant return upon being hired at a new position. 

Our programs can help you increase your overall earning capacity. Tech salaries are at an all-time high in the U.S., with many averaging above six figures*. To better understand your potential ROI with our program, here are some average salaries and how much they have increased since 2020:

  • UI/UX Designer: $101,260* (+10.1%)
  • Data Analyst: $84,779* (+11.5%)
  • Systems Analyst: $93,278* (+5.5%)


Depending on the program you opt for, you could be earning one of the above salaries in less than one year after starting the Introductory Course. To break it down further, let’s explore some scenarios on how you could measure your ROI after investing in a Digital Skills program at UNLV.

Let’s say you currently earn an annual salary of $50,000. 

If you invest $15,000 in the UNLV UI/UX Design Professional Bootcamp, and then one year later, you begin a new position as a UX Designer with a starting salary of $100,000. Your ROI in your first year would be $35,000, which is expected to steadily increase as you progress in your career.

Alternatively, if you want to get into tech, you have the option to invest $16,000 in the UNLV Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp. In your first year as an entry-level Information Security Analyst, you can be eligible to earn $102,600. In this field, you would be looking at an estimated $36,600 ROI.

*These scenarios described above are hypothetical. Salary and career outcomes vary based on many factors, including position, experience level, skills, location, as well as work and personal history.

How to Pay For Your Education

Despite these benefits and potential ROI, it can still be difficult to justify making a significant financial commitment, especially if you have to wait some time to see the return. 

At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, we offer financing options to help ensure Digital Skills Bootcamps are accessible for all. Interested learners can schedule a virtual sit down with an admissions advisor to better understand which option is best for you. 

  • Pay in Full
    Upon successfully completing the Introductory Course, learners have the option to pay tuition in full prior to moving on to the extended portion first class.
  • 0% Interest
    Monthly installments with no interest. Available to all learners.
  • Financing Options
    Qualified candidates can opt for private education loans with lenders like PNC, Sallie Mae or our partner, Climb.

Free Mini-Course

If you’re not sure you’re ready to take the plunge or are unsure which bootcamp you’d like to pursue, we offer free mini-courses for all of our programs. 

The mini-courses feature videos from industry experts or instructors and offer quizzes and industry tid-bits that can help you determine which career path is best for you. 

Software Development Mini-Course

Data Science and Analytics Mini-Course

Digital Marketing Mini-Course

UI/UX Design Mini-Course

Cybersecurity Mini-Course

Invest in Yourself with a Career-Prep Program

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Investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you can make for your future. This rings especially true when it comes to education, upskilling, and career-prep. Programs that help you advance your career or stay ahead of industry trends can ensure you can always move forward in your career and request a higher salary as you continue to gain experience and knowledge in your field. 

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers in-depth bootcamp programs that will help you prepare for your future, while offering high potential for a successful ROI in less than one year after enrolling. 

You can enter the digital tech workforce with confidence and entry-level skills, as well as professional portfolio or real-world experience and one-on-one career prep and student success services available to you, all included in the cost of your bootcamp. 

Cohorts begin on a rolling basis. You can reach out to our admissions advisors for a quick 10-minute chat at 702-832-4555 to learn more about tuition, payment options, the enrollment process, and our unique course curriculum.


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